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Zhejiang RST Valve Technology Co.,Ltd is an honest and reliable API/DIN Flanged Ball Valve & Gate Valve manufacturer in China, can offer API/DIN Flanged Ball Valve, Stainless Steel Ball Valve, API/DIN Gate Valve, API/DIN Flanged Globe valve, API/DIN Flanged Check Valve, Wafer type ball valve free sample. Welcome to wholesale our products at good price from our factory....
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  • Gate Valve The Function Of Connecting And Truncating The Media
    01 Valve Definition It is a kind of valve which is widely used in the pipeline, and mainly plays the role of connecting and truncating the medium. Not suitable for regulating the flow of media, but can be based on the height of the valve stem to determine the flow size (such as fire-fighting with the resilient seat seal valve with a hoist scale). Gate valves compared with other valves, the pressure, temperature, caliber and other requirements of the scope of application to be wide.
  • 2016-06-06
    Visit the largest exhibition for valves, pmps and pipes in China at FLOWEX CHINA 2016! ...
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